Fitnes is an instrumental rock band from Kragujevac founded by Furunović brothers (Sasha, Goran and Alexander). It is the, so-called, off-project of well-known Serbian funk-folk-punk band Popečitelji. The group exist since 2003 and during that time has changed a few band members. Sasha and his youngest brother Alexander founded the band, and in 2009 Goran joined them so Furunović brothers emerge in a free adaptation of their musical ideas, under the name Fitnes. They fused a mixture of funk rock with a style of aggressive and progressive punk rock. They oft don't stop there however. They frequently dabble in genres as far reaching as post-rock, funk, blues, and traditional Yugoslavian rock. The music is inventive to say the least, and the band has become known in their area for their energetic and exciting live performances as well.